It is hard to believe that something so simple can really make a difference to fuel consumption.

However, engine designers know that diesel engines are currently in the region of only 40% efficient, and petrol engines in the region of 25/30% efficient. You will be aware that this lost energy is in the form of heat that has to be dissipated by the radiator, fan and exhaust. This energy loss is because the “pressure curve” of the system is not in phase with the “turning moment”; the Energy Storage Piston brings the pressure curve more into line with the turning moment.

At GADL we are not the only people working to find a solution to the problem, however, we believe that we are far ahead of the global competition. We have international patents to protect what we believe to be the technology that finally delivers the greatest improvement in fuel reduction in existing cars on the road and new cars off the production line, and all applications of the internal combustion engine.

The main advantage of this application is the fact that the compression ratio of an engine fitted with the Sprung Piston is doubled but without the inevitable problems that this would cause, for example “pinking”. This increase in output energy compared with a standard piston results in an increase in efficiency from the engine, producing more miles per gallon, hence fewer emissions per mile.